Past Events

Our past Events and Online Webinars

Singapore Blockchain Carnival

Singapore Blockchain Carnival is hosted by XinFin and Homiex, Co-hosted by Crypto Valley

November 14, 2019

XinFin-Homeblock Webinar

Asset Tokenization Powered by Blockchain

October 31, 2019

XinFin-TraceFinancial Webinar

Counterparty Risk Mitigation enabled by Blockchain and Financial messaging transformation

August 30, 2019

TradeFinex 2019 - ADGM

Blockchain Powered Trade and Finance

JUNE 18, 2019

About TradeFinex

TradeFinex is a decentralized peer to peer global Trade & Infrastructure Finance platform built on open standards and it provides seamless connectivity between global public investors, contract authority, project company, regulators and other key project finance stakeholders.

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