Webinar on

Asset Tokenization
Powered by Blockchain

October 31, 9.00 pm Singapore/9.00 am New York

Real world asset tokenization is a game changer. Here’s why….FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP.

There is an increasing interest from businesses in Asset Tokenization - digital representation of a physical asset. Power it on a blockchain for transparency, immutability, efficiencies and Liquidity the technology provides to unleash the new economic models around fractional asset ownership.

Join this webinar to know more about asset tokenization, how to easily generate these tokens and deploy over XinFin’s hybrid blockchain, and look at an actual use case of real asset tokenization from Homebloc.

Francis Berwa

Co-founder and COO - Homebloc

Francis is a serial entrepreneur who started his first business in college at Wright State University. He co-founded Digital Destin Inc., a New York software development company with a subsidiary in Nicosia, Cyprus. Prior to Homebloc, he was the COO of Blockchain Federated under Override Labs, a development and advisory company that specializes in blockchain and AI. He is currently a Managing Partner at Reed Robinson Asset Strategies, a New York City-based Fintech and International Trade firm specializing in emerging markets and blockchain.

Francis Berwa

Meenu Sarin

Meenu Sarin

Director, Ecosystem Development - XinFin

A technology evangelist, Meenu has an extensive experience working across a multitude of deep tech domains - Semiconductor, Robotics, Deep Learning and now Blockchain. As a Programme Consultant at Singapore government’s premier research agency, A*STAR, she helped provide pointers for potential research areas via deep technology market intelligence gained by leveraging ecosystem research and deriving insights. Meenu is now leveraging her experience and network towards evangelizing XinFin's pivotal blockchain technology.