Webinar on

Counterparty Risk Mitigation enabled by Blockchain and Financial messaging transformation

August 30, 2019 - 5.30 pm Singapore/10.30 am UK

Counterparty Risk Mitigation remains a challenge for financial instruments globally and we need to set up an easy-to-use platform in a compliant environment for financial institutions to quickly go through PoC and Pilot projects. One can easily set up a master node on the XinFin hybrid network with a One-Click Installer. Transformer, Trace Financial's flagship product offered on XinFin's master nodes helps towards Counterparty Risk Mitigation via financial instruments mesaging transformations.

Tune in to this webinar hosted by XinFin to know more about the same.

Paul Ruskin

Director, Business Development - Trace Financial

During Paul's 20 years with Trace he has seen all aspects of the challenges organisations large an small face when implementing solutions such as MT and ISO 20022 coexistence and knows the best practices to build future proof, easily maintainable solutions that make Transformer the most powerful tool on the market.

Meenu Sarin

Director, Ecosystem Development - XinFin

A technology evangelist, Meenu has an extensive experience working across a multitude of deep tech domains - Semiconductor, Robotics, Deep Learning and now Blockchain. As a Programme Consultant at Singapore government's premier research agency, A*STAR, she helped provide pointers for potential research areas via deep technology market intelligence gained by leveraging ecosystem research and deriving insights. Meenu is now leveraging her experience and network towards evangelizing XinFin's pivotal blockchain technology.